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Our Coffee - How We Make Concentrates

Our Coffee

thecoldbrew.co coffee was made for people who want quality coffee at home but don’t have enough time to prepare it. With our cold brew concentrate, we make your coffee routine at home much simpler and tastier. From sourcing quality beans to crafting our coffee concentrates, we’re on top of each and  every process needed to ensure that you’re getting the purest and healthiest cup of coffee to your own taste.

Our Beans

As Filipinos, we pride ourselves in supporting the Philippine coffee community by working directly with local farmers and roasters. We tried different Philippine origins of beans and found the best local suppliers in the area that would give consistent and sorted coffee beans to get a richer, full-bodied taste that we wanted. We also found the most suitable roast of coffee bean depending on its origin, ensuring that we bring out the best flavors in each cup.

Our Brewing

Within months of research and development, our team is able to perfect our process of producing cold brew concentrates. We found the best ratios and best brewing times of our coffee depending on our selected coffee origin and roast. This process ensures that our customers get the tastiest and purest cup of coffee, without the use of any added preservatives or sugars.

Our Promise

We craft our own coffee concentrates within our proximity, ensuring that we stay on top of each and every process needed in producing your ideal coffee -- so you don’t have to! Let thecoldbrew.co promise you the purest and tastiest coffee in each bottle.

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